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Our social compliance policy includes the standards we have created by working as a team, based on our basic principles and values, together with all our business partners. This policy has been prepared to share a clear commitment that DNAIST REKLAM TANITIM VE ORGANİZASYON A.Ş. will fulfill all its responsibilities, with all our employees, all our stakeholders and all our business partners. Our goal is to ensure that the Social Compliance Policy becomes the corporate culture within the organization. For this reason, social compliance standards have been established and started to be implemented. In addition to creating services with these social compliance standards, this policy undertakes to give all the rights of the employees arising from the standards within the framework of the law, to comply with the occupational health and safety rules, to be sensitive to the environment, to create an open and honest communication, respect and value in the workplace among the employees. The social compliance policy is announced to all our employees through communication channels (intranet, e-mail group, etc.), our suppliers are informed via our official website and our suppliers are evaluated according to these criteria. Within the scope of this policy, no sanctions or penalties are applied against employees who raise their concerns, concerns and complaints, and the necessary environment is created for them to express these concerns and concerns. Employees can openly declare all kinds of opinions, requests, complaints and suggestions, and these are evaluated by the Senior Management and necessary improvement activities are carried out for areas open to improvement.


The Social Compliance Policy covers the following components:

1. Forced Labor (Voluntary Labor)
2. Child Labor (Minor Employees)
3. Discrimination (Egalitarian Approach)
4. Ethical Business Conduct
5. Working Hours and Wages (Wage / Salary)
6. Health and Safety (OHS) Policy
7. Engagement with Stakeholders
8. Rest Days and Holidays
9. Recruitment Policy
10. Employment Contract and Application Form
11. Disciplinary Regulations
12. Environmental Protection

All the principles in this policy are applied with the necessary regulations.

1. Forced Labor (Voluntary Labor)
Our institution does not make compulsory labor for any employee. Working principles in our company are based on volunteerism. If the employee quits the job, the company does not prevent or delay it, except for any security reason. All kinds of information of our employees are protected and kept confidential to the extent specified by law.

2. Child Labor (Minor Employees)
No child labor is acceptable in our institution. The minimum age determined by national and international laws is taken into account, except for mandatory situations such as interns.

3. Discrimination (Egalitarian Approach)
Our institution values ​​all its employees and their contributions. It has a deep-rooted commitment to stand against discrimination and ensure equal opportunity. It maintains its processes as an institution where there is no discrimination or physical or verbal abuse on the basis of race, gender, color, nationality, social origin, religion, age, disability, political opinion or any value status protected by applicable law. Employee selection for our institution is made on the basis of minimum qualifications such as vacant position, education, interests, talent, work experience, inventory results.

4. Ethical Business Conduct:
Our institution does not tolerate corruption, fraud, embezzlement or bribery in any way. has published its policy regarding the notification of ethical violations on its official website and has given its employees/customers the opportunity to notify their employees/customers for ethical violation notifications.

5. Working Hours and Wages (Wage / Salary)
Our institution gives its employees wages appropriate to the sectoral and local labor market. Our practices are carried out in full compliance with applicable laws and employment contracts regarding wages, working hours, overtime and benefits. It provides opportunities for our employees to develop their skills and capacities.

6. Health and Safety (OHS) Policy:
Our institution ensures the creation and maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace environment. The Company aims to ensure its continuity by minimizing the risk of our employees being exposed to accidents, injuries and all kinds of health-threatening factors, by creating a safe, healthy and productive work environment. In our institution, care is taken to provide a workplace environment free of violence, threats, abuse and disturbing conditions. All occupational health and safety rules regulated by the legal legislation are applied.

7. Engagement with Stakeholders:
Our institution commits to establishing bonds with its stakeholders on the basis of goodwill. It treats all its stakeholders fairly and at an equal distance.

8. Rest Days and Holidays
Our employees use rest and holidays within the framework of their legal rights. Working days vary depending on the nature of the job.

9. Recruitment and Employment
Recruitment and placement activities in our institution are carried out by the Group Human Resources and Training Directorate. Open positions determined within the scope of the budget created in line with annual business plans and targets are employed in accordance with the law and within the framework of certain rules (egalitarian approach, leave, wage, vacation, employment contract, etc.).
10. Employment Contract (Employer Contracts)
Between our institution and the person to be employed, an "Indefinite Term Employment Contract" is prepared, which is in accordance with the workplace and the law and includes the conditions offered to the candidate employee, or "Fixed Term Employment Contract" according to the condition. The contract and the documents required by the job/institution are signed by the employee who accepts to start the job. A copy of the employment contract is given to the employee in return for signature, and all the rules and practices required by our institution and the job are transferred to the relevant employee through orientation training.

11. Disciplinary Regulation:
In order to ensure disciplined work by our institution, the disciplinary rules determined in the "Discipline Regulation" are applied. All of our employees carry out their work by acting in accordance with the instructions of the working rules.

12. Environmental Protection:
We manage the environmental impacts that may arise from all of our activities responsibly. In all our activities, we determine and implement all kinds of improvement and development studies that will destroy or reduce environmental impacts and use natural resources in the most efficient way.

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