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We get our strength from innovation and design. In this direction we offer a wide range of services ranging from architecture, store design and building, branding, product display units, digital solutions, printing and campaign management. We create a design strategy by considering the brand objectives with our methodologies, which enable us to analyze their needs and demands in the best possible way. The next processes which are production, implementation and other following actions are also extremely important for us on the road of success. We ensure that brands provide a first-class experience to their consumers and secure a continuous strong bond. In a word,
DNA is a complete companion...

Why DNA?

Our Point Of View;
In a sense we see ourselves as brand protectors. Therefore we are in close communication with our clients to increase demand for their brands in retail stores. Every brand is different, so a distinctive sales tactic, separate solutions and applications are needed for each brand. There is no single solution that fits all.

Uncompetitive manufacturing and solution abilities of our group companies;
We always follow latest technology and we always closely follow retail Technologies, which may help us think outside of the box for our upcoming projects. Our group companies that we can easily create tailor made solutions from manufacturing to design, software development to media campaign supports and event management.

Long-Term Relationships;
We believe that success is possible with long-term relationships and we work hard to fulfill this requirement. We have no doubt that our solutionoriented approach, honesty and 7/24 support to our clients is the backbone of our long-standing partnership. These long-standing relations rebounds to us as experience, success and speed every time.

Maslak Mah. AOS 55. Sk.

42 Maslak A Blok No:2 İç Kapı No:32


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